Food Consulting

We offer consultancy services to plan a restaurant, food trucks, and other food businesses

If you have a food dream? We’re here to help you. Our experts help you to set up a food business by providing solutions for your kitchen needs. All you need is to have an idea or just passion for food. We’ll help you to give shape to your dreams.
Aaugritaa caterers provides customised solutions to all your kitchen needs. Starting from space to setting up a shop to the end product we help you pave a path for your success.

This is where we can help you setting up your shop
  • Finding place for a base kitchen
  • Setting up the base kitchen
  • Deciding the Menu
  • Food trials and recipes
  • Determine the cost
  • Finalizing the inventory
  • Identifying the right food vendors
  • Hiring the kitchen staff
  • Hiring the right chef

We have helped companies in setting up base kitchen and start ups in establishing food related websites. We work on a B.O.O.T model. i.e, we’ll operate your kitchen for 2-3 months before handing it over completely to you. So if you’re interested, feel free to reach out to us on +91 9990 632 693.


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