Chocolate Truffle Cake Easy Recipe

Cuisine: Baking

Serves: 4-6pax


  • Maida/Refined Flour 200gms
  • Sugar 200gms
  • Eggs 4pcs
  • Vanilla Essence 2-3drops
  • Baking Powder 1/2 tsp
  • Cocoa Powder 1tbsp
  • Raw Dark Chocolate brick 200gms
  • Raw White Chocolate Brick 100gms
  • Heavy/Rich Cream 200ml
  • Piping Bag 1nos


Step 1: Baking the Base of the Cake

  1. Take a Large mixing bowl
  2. Break the eggs and add sugar, vanilla essence into it
  3. Beat it with Beater till it gets fluffy like a cream
  4. Sieve the Flour mix with cocoa powder and baking powder
  5. Mix the Flour with the fluffy mixture at step 3 in a cut and Fold* method
  6. Pre-heat the oven for 15min at 160-180 degree centigrade
  7. Bake the mixture for 15min and then take out and keep aside to cool down

Step 2 Preparation of the Truffle

  1. Melt the Dark Chocolate in a Double Boiler*
  2. After it is melted add rich cream into it and start mixing it till become smooth
  3. Melt the white chocolate too on double boiler and make the garnish using the moulds

Step 3 Preparing the Truffle Cake

  1. Take the base of the cake and cut it into 1/2 vertically
  2. Pour the Melted Dark Chocolate on the middle layer
  3. Put the second layer on it and pour the remaining mixture on it
  4. Equal it with the spatula and then put the white chocolate garnish on it
  5. With the help of piping bag write happy birthday or anything you like to write on the cake
  6. Keep it inside the fridge for atleast 2 hours before serving

Chef Tips:

  • Cut and fold method is used mixing the cake batter in a cut then folding the mixture, it helps the mixture to get mixed properly avoiding lumps.
  • Double Boiler is a technique in which a hot water boiler is down and another vessel is kept on top and it is use to melt the chocolate, it just avoid the direct heat to the chocolate, we also use this method while poaching the eggs