Quinoa Salad Healthy Recipe

Cuisine: Continental

Serves: 4-5pax


  • Quinoa 200gms
  • Onion 1pc
  • Cucumber 1pc
  • Capsicum 1pc
  • Tomato 1pc
  • Bell peppers 1pc
  • Cherry tomato garnish
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper to taste
  • Lemon 2pcs
  • Honey 1tbsp
  • Olive oil 4 tbsp
  • Cabbage for plating
    • Boil the Quinoa till cooked properly
    • Chop all the veggies into small dices
    • Take a mixing bowl and mix the Quinoa with al the veggies
    • Take a bowl and add lemon juice with honey, salt, pepper and olive oil to make the dressing
    • Pour the dressing on the salad and mix well
    • Serve on cabbage cups with garnish as cherry tomatoes

    Vegans can also have this healthy salad.



    Falafel Easy Recipe

    Cuisine: Mediterranean

    Serves: 4pax


    • Chickpeas (Choley) 500gms
    • Onion medium 1pc
    • Capsicum medium 1pc
    • Garlic chopped 1tsp
    • Salt to taste
    • Pepper powder to taste
    • Sesame seed 1tsp
    • Lemon 1pc
    • Maida 3tbsp
    • Corn Flour 3tbsp
    • Green Chilly 1-2pc
    • Basil chopped
    • Vegetable Oil for frying
    • Soak the chickpeas over night, then boil it adding salt into it
    • Chop the vegetables finely, Onion, Capsicum, Garlic
    • When the Chickpeas are boiled drain the water and mash them
    • Add vegetables in the chickpeas and then add salt, pepper, chopped basil and lemon juice
    • Then add Maida and Corn Flour for binding
    • Make small round patty and shallow fry till golden brown
    • Serve hot with Hummus*

    *Recipe of Hummus




    Whole Chicken Grilled with Herbs Easy Recipe

    Cuisine: Continental

    Serves: 4pax


    • Whole Chicken 800gms 1pc
    • Salt to taste
    • Pepper to taste
    • Oregano, Basil, Chilly flakes
    • Olive oil 200ml
    • Butter 100gms
    • Cream to garnish


    1. Clean and wash the whole Chicken
    2. Make cuts so that the salt and herbs can enter the chicken
    3. Marinate the whole chicken with salt, pepper, herbs and olive oil and keep for at least 30min
    4. Pre-heat the oven at 160 degree for 30min
    5. Place the whole chicken into the Oven for 45min each side
    6. Then flip the chicken and cook for another 45min
    7. Check and serve hot



    ILISH Macher SorisaBata (Hilsa in Mustard Sauce) Easy Recipe

    In West Bengal and Bangladesh, ILISH aka Hilsa is often termed as the “QUEEN” of Fishes. The unique taste make it superior of all the Fishes. It mostly available from June to September every year. It is said if a Bengali gets ILISH in Lunch he don’t need anything else.

    Cuisine : Indian Main Course (Bengali Cuisine)

    Serves : 4pax


    • ILISH 1kg

    • Mustard Powder 100gms

    • Jeera Whole 1tsp

    • Dhaniya Powder 1tbsp

    • Green Chilly 4-5 pcs

    • Mustard Oil or Vegetable Oil for Frying

    • Salt to Taste

    • Haldi/Turmeric to Taste


    1. Cut the Fish into roundals and then marinate it with Salt and Turmeric
    2. Heat the Mustard oil in a pan and then fry the Hilsa till golden brown
    3. Soak the mustard powder with whole Jeera, Dhaniya powder
    4. Blend the soaked mixture in the blender adding the green chillies into it
    5. Take a thick bottom pan and add some oil into it, add onion seeds (Kala Jeera) into it, then add 2-3 whole green chillies
    6. As it get cooked add the paste you prepared in step 4, cook it start leaving oil on the sides
    7. Add the fried ILISH into it and cook on low flame for 10min
    8. Serve hot with Steamed Rice




    Note: If you want to make it spicy add more green chillies

    ILISH Marinated with Salt and Turmeric

    Frying fish in Mustard Oil

    Fried Fish Ready to serve

    Fish getting cooked in Mustard Sauce In a thick bottom pan