Chocolate Truffle Cake Easy Recipe

Cuisine: Baking

Serves: 4-6pax


  • Maida/Refined Flour 200gms
  • Sugar 200gms
  • Eggs 4pcs
  • Vanilla Essence 2-3drops
  • Baking Powder 1/2 tsp
  • Cocoa Powder 1tbsp
  • Raw Dark Chocolate brick 200gms
  • Raw White Chocolate Brick 100gms
  • Heavy/Rich Cream 200ml
  • Piping Bag 1nos


Step 1: Baking the Base of the Cake

  1. Take a Large mixing bowl
  2. Break the eggs and add sugar, vanilla essence into it
  3. Beat it with Beater till it gets fluffy like a cream
  4. Sieve the Flour mix with cocoa powder and baking powder
  5. Mix the Flour with the fluffy mixture at step 3 in a cut and Fold* method
  6. Pre-heat the oven for 15min at 160-180 degree centigrade
  7. Bake the mixture for 15min and then take out and keep aside to cool down

Step 2 Preparation of the Truffle

  1. Melt the Dark Chocolate in a Double Boiler*
  2. After it is melted add rich cream into it and start mixing it till become smooth
  3. Melt the white chocolate too on double boiler and make the garnish using the moulds

Step 3 Preparing the Truffle Cake

  1. Take the base of the cake and cut it into 1/2 vertically
  2. Pour the Melted Dark Chocolate on the middle layer
  3. Put the second layer on it and pour the remaining mixture on it
  4. Equal it with the spatula and then put the white chocolate garnish on it
  5. With the help of piping bag write happy birthday or anything you like to write on the cake
  6. Keep it inside the fridge for atleast 2 hours before serving


  • Cut and fold method is used mixing the cake batter in a cut then folding the mixture, it helps the mixture to get mixed properly avoiding lumps.
  • Double Boiler is a technique in which a hot water boiler is down and another vessel is kept on top and it is use to melt the chocolate, it just avoid the direct heat to the chocolate, we also use this method while poaching the eggs



Lemon Tarts ,

Lemon Tarts Easy Recipe

Lemon Tarts:

Cuisine: Continental Dessert

Serves: 2pax



  • Refined Flour 250gms
  • Butter 250gms
  • Gelatin powder 100gms
  • Lemon 2pcs
  • Grapes, Mint leaves for Garnish
  • Sugar 100gms
  • Tart Moulds





  1. Mix the maida and butter with hands
  2. Put it on the tart mould
  3. Preheat the over for 15min at 170 degree centigrade
  4. Place the Tarts inside the oven and cook for 20min
  5. Take them out and let them cool


Lemon Mixture for Tarts

  1. Soak the Gelatine in Luke warm water
  2. Take a thick bottom pan and boil water adding sugar and lemon into it
  3. As the water get boiled, switch the gas off add Gelatine and mix properly to avoid lumps
  4. Let it cool
  5. Then pour the mixture into the Tarts and keep them into the fridge for minimum 20min
  6. Garnish it with Lemon, Grapes and mint and serve


Note: In place of lemon if we use Strawberries or blueberries we can prepare different tarts with same method





Kesari Kheer ,

Kesari Kheer Easy Recipe

Kesari Kheer:

  1. Cuisine: Indian Dessert
  2. Serves: 2 Pax
  3. Preparation time: 10min
  4. Cooking Time: 30min



  • Milk full cream 1liter
  • Basmati rice 100gms
  • Sugar 300gms
  • Cardamom green 2pcs
  • Cashew Nuts 50gms
  • Raisins 50gms
  • Kesar few leaves



  1. Take a thick bottom pan and put milk in it and start cooking
  2. Was and soak the rice for minimum 10min
  3. When milk is getting boiled, keep stirring so that it haven’t get burn
  4. Add rice into it and keep cooking for 20min
  5. Add sugar and keep cooking till the rice is cooked and milk is thick.
  6. Add cinnamon and dry fruits into it.
  7. Serve hot or chilled adding kesar leaves on it.
  8. Garnish it with dry fruits before serving.





Saahi Tukra ,

Saahi Tukra with Rabri Easy Recipe

Saahi Tukra:

Cuisine: Indian Dessert
Serves: 2pax


  • Bread Slices 4pcs
  • Sugar 250gms
  • Milk 250ml
  • Ghee or Dalda for frying
  • Dry fruits for garnish
  • Cardamom 2pcs


  • Saahi Tukra:
  1. Cut the bread slices diagonally to get 2 triangles from one slice
  2. Make sugar syrup with water and sugar in ratio 0.6:1 (In 1kg of sugar water have to be 600ml)
  3. Take a flat pan, add ghee or Dalda to fry the bread slices till golden brown and crispy
  4. Then dip it in the sugar syrup and keep aside
  • Rabri
  1. Take a thick bottom pan and start boiling the milk in it
  2. Add sugar (For one litre milk we need 100 gms sugar, add accordingly)
  3. Keep cooking till it reduces to half and thick
  4. Add Cardamom and dry fruits chopped in the milk for flavour
  • Plating and Presentation
  1. Plate the Saahi Tukra in a platter
  2. Then pour the Rabri on it
  3. Garnish it with dry fruits
  4. Serve chilled or at room temperature too
  5. Get ready for an unforgettable taste of indian dessert