Papri Paneer Tikka Easy Recipe

Papri Paneer Tikka Easy Recipe

Cuisine: Indian Snacks
Serves: 2pax


  1. Paneer/Cottage Cheese 150gms
  2. Papad 4-5pcs
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Garam Masala to taste
  5. Red chilly powder to taste
  6. Vegetable oil for frying
  7. Maida 50gms


  • Cut the Paneer into Cubes and Slit them.
  • Mix all the spices together and put inside the slit space of paneer
  • Make a batter of maida and water (Not Thick)
  • Roast the papad for few seconds and crush them with hands
  • Coat the paneer cubes with the maida batter and then coat it with crushed papad
  • Keep inside the refrigerator for minimum 20min
  • Take oil in a pan, heat it fully
  • Fry the paneer cubes till golden brown
  • Cut them into two and serve with mint chutney
  • Serve Hot

Chef Tips:

  • By slitting the paneer means make a space for spices
  • Crush the papas by hands not in any mixer grinder
  • The coating of papad must be even on paneer
  • While frying take a flat pan and fry till golden brown


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