Grilled Cottage Cheese with Bell Peppers (Paneer Tikka Easy Recipe)

Cuisine: Indian Starter

Pax: 2pax


  • Cottage Cheese or Paneer 400gms
  • Hung Curd (Yogurt to be hung in a muslin cloth or strainer for minimum 2 hours)
  • Salt to taste
  • Garam Masala to taste
  • Red chilly powder to taste
  • Dhaiya powder to taste
  • Ginger and Garlic paste
  • Mustard Oil 2 tbsp (optional)
  • Onion, tomato, capsicum 1pc each


  1. Cut the paneer into dice and boil them in hot water and keep and keep aside
  2. Mix Hung Curd with all the spices, mustard Oil and ginger-garlic paste
  3. Marinate the Dice paneer in the marination with vegetable like onion, capsicum, tomato
  4. Grill them on charcoal, oven or griller
  5. Serve hot with mint Chutney

TIPS: Boiling the paneer will make it soft and you can use the marinated paneer for 4-5 days keeping inside the refrigerator



Note: Vegans can use Tofu in place of Paneer and can marinate it with hummus to give a amazing flavour

Recipe of Hummus

Falafel Easy Recipe

Cuisine: Mediterranean

Serves: 4pax


  • Chickpeas (Choley) 500gms
  • Onion medium 1pc
  • Capsicum medium 1pc
  • Garlic chopped 1tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper powder to taste
  • Sesame seed 1tsp
  • Lemon 1pc
  • Maida 3tbsp
  • Corn Flour 3tbsp
  • Green Chilly 1-2pc
  • Basil chopped
  • Vegetable Oil for frying
    • Soak the chickpeas over night, then boil it adding salt into it
    • Chop the vegetables finely, Onion, Capsicum, Garlic
    • When the Chickpeas are boiled drain the water and mash them
    • Add vegetables in the chickpeas and then add salt, pepper, chopped basil and lemon juice
    • Then add Maida and Corn Flour for binding
    • Make small round patty and shallow fry till golden brown
    • Serve hot with Hummus*

    *Recipe of Hummus




    Crispy Corn Easy Recipe

    Cuisine: Chinese

    Serves: 2 people


    • American Corn 250gms
    • Corn Flour 100gms approximately
    • Salt to salt
    • Pepper to taste
    • Ajinomoto to taste (Optional)
    • Onion Medium 1pc
    • Green Chilly 2-3 pcs
    • Spring Onion 2-3 springs
    • Garlic chopped 2tbsp
    • Ginger chopped 2tsp
    • Cooking oil to fry


    1. Dust the corn with corn flour and then deep fry it till crispy and golden brown
    2. Take a pan, add oil then chopped garlic, sauté for sometime then add chopped onion
    3. Add salt, pepper and ajinomoto to taste
    4. Then add the fried corn and toss them till it get coated with the spices
    5. Garnish it with spring onion and serve hot




    Tips: This is already a ‘Vegan’ Recipe so vegans must try this at home and enjoy some delicious veg delicacy

    Eggplant Parmigiana Easy Recipe

    Cuisine: Continental Starter

    Serves: 2pax


    • Eggplant Round 1pc
    • Tomato’s 6pcs
    • Tomato Ketchup 3-4 tbsp
    • Salt to taste
    • Pepper to taste
    • Cheese 100gms
    • Garlic chopped 2-3 clove
    • Fresh basil if available 6-7leaves
    • Mint for garnish


    1. Cut the Eggplant into slice and grill it on a hot pan till get brown colour
    2. Blance the Tomatoes in hot water then remove the skin and de-seed it
    3. Fine chop the tomatoes
    4. Take a pan, add olive oil, then chopped garlic, then add all the herbs, cook for a while then add the chopped tomatoes into it
    5. Cook for 10min on a low flame then add tomato ketchup into it and all the spices, tomato sauce is ready
    6. Now take a baking tray, put one slice of eggplant then sauce then another slice.
    7. Keep doing it and make 3-4 portions of 4 slice of eggplant in each portion
    8. Put cheese on the top and grill it in oven for 10min at 160 degree centigrade
    9. Serve hot with garnish of mint leaf