Lemon Tarts Easy Recipe

Lemon Tarts:

Cuisine: Continental Dessert

Serves: 2pax


  • Refined Flour 250gms
  • Butter 250gms
  • Gelatin powder 100gms
  • Lemon 2pcs
  • Grapes, Mint leaves for Garnish
  • Sugar 100gms
  • Tart Moulds





  1. Mix the maida and butter with hands
  2. Put it on the tart mould
  3. Preheat the over for 15min at 170 degree centigrade
  4. Place the Tarts inside the oven and cook for 20min
  5. Take them out and let them cool


Lemon Mixture for Tarts

  1. Soak the Gelatine in Luke warm water
  2. Take a thick bottom pan and boil water adding sugar and lemon into it
  3. As the water get boiled, switch the gas off add Gelatine and mix properly to avoid lumps
  4. Let it cool
  5. Then pour the mixture into the Tarts and keep them into the fridge for minimum 20min
  6. Garnish it with Lemon, Grapes and mint and serve

 Chef Tips:

  • In this same way we can prepare with strawberries or blueberries
  • Make sure the tart base is nicely cooked in oven
  • Before poring the mixture make sure it’s cool
  • The sugar quantity you can vary according to your taste




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