Cheese Canapés Easy Recipe

Cuisine: Continental Starter

Serves: 2 pax


  • Bread slices or Monaco Biscuits 5pcs
  • Cheese 100 GMs
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper to taste
  • Olives 2-3 pcs (optional)
  • Capsicum small 1 pc
  • Carrot small 1pc


  1. Mix the cheese with salt and pepper
  2. Take the bread or Monaco biscuits and put cheese on it
  3. Put it inside microwave or OTG oven for 2-4 min so that’s cheese get melted
  4. Garnish it with olives, capsicum
  5. Serve with Tea or Coffee

Chef Tips:

  • While adding salt add less because cheese already have salt in it
  • Don’t bake till it changes colour a little bake to melt the cheese
  • Serve to kids with different garnish



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