Soyabean Shami Kababs

Cuisine: Indian Starters

Serves : 2-3 pax


  • Soyabean Balls 250 grams
  • Green Peas 100 grams
  • Onion medium size 1 pc
  • Green chilly 2-3 pcs
  • Maida (optional) 100 grams
  • Salt to taste
  • Red chilly powder to taste
  • Dhaniya powder to taste
  • Coriander green handful
  • Vegetable oil for shallow frying


  1. Grind the dry soyabean balls and make a powder of it
  2. Take a thick bottom pan and then all all the veggies and the soybean powder
  3. Add water and cook nicely
  4. Cool it and then blend it in the mixer grinder (Don’t use water)
  5. After the mixture is ready make flat patty of it and then shallow fry it
  6. Fry till golden brown and serve hot

Chef Tips:

  • If you using granules then you don’t have to make powder of it in dey form
  • Cook the mixture nicely
  • Adding of spices can be increased or decreased



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