Tawa Mutton Easy Recipe

Tawa Mutton is one of the dry and yummy dish of Indian cuisine, served with Indian breads mostly, it mostly prepared spicy and semi gravy if you want to serve with Pulow and Plain Rice. #Aaugritaa #Classes #Foodie #Chef #Presentation #Chef

Mutton Korma Easy Recipe

Mutton korma recipe is a shahi recipe made with mutton and nutty paste and is full of rich and creamy ingredients. This mutton korma goes very well with pulao recipes or even with Indian breads. #Aaugritaa #Classes #Foodie #Presentation #Chef #Mutton

Mutton Rogan Josh Easy Recipe

Mutton Rogan Josh is scrumptious delicacy from the Kashmiri cuisine distinguished by its thick, aromatic, flavourful red sauce and tender meat. Most people attribute this dish to the Kashmiri region but few say that it was actually introduced to the Kashmiri people by the Moghuls. Rogan name translates to clarified butter or oil in Persian, referring to the way the meat and spices are cooked while Josh means fiery or hot referring the dish’s deep red color. This is a wonderful type of lamb curry which is slowly cooked with a selection of fragrant spices, the most important being the ‘Kashmiri peppers’ as it gives a distinct red color to the dish while keeping it milder compared to other Indian curries. #Aaugritaa #Foodie #Recipe #Yummy #Foodie #Chef #Presentation

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Mutton Biryani Easy Recipe

One of the famous main course of indian cuisine, MUTTON BIRYANI is a dish of its kind, the softness of mutton and the aroma of rice make it unique, its loved in every region of the world and its famous worldwide. Must try this Recipe for a yummy treat at your home. #Aaugritaa #Classes #Blogged #Recipe #Presentation #Biryani