Tawa Fish Easy Recipe (Tawa Macchi)

Cuisine : Indian Main Course

Serves : 2 pax


  • Fish Boneless 500gms
  • Onion medium 3 pcs
  • Tomato medium 3 pcs
  • Ginger-Garlic Paste 3Tbsp
  • Curd 100 grams
  • Salt to taste
  • Haldi to taste
  • Garam Masala to taste
  • Red Chilly Powder to taste
  • Kasoori Methi
  • Coriander Green Chopped
  • Vegetable for Grilling


  1. Marinate the Fish with Ginger-Garlic paste, Curd, Indian Spices and keep aside
  2. Cut the onion into Jullians and cook till golden brown
  3. Add Ginger Garlic paste then tomato Purée and cook till gravy is ready
  4. Grill the Fish till golden brown then pour the gravy into it
  5. Cook for 10 minutes then add Kasoori Methi and Chopped Coriander
  6. Serve hot with garnish and plating


  • While cooking the fish make sure to cook with soft hands so that pieces of fish doesn’t break
  • The Marination of fish should be kept minimum of 20min
  • It can be served with Rice or Indian Breads



Peshawari Paneer Easy Recipe

Cuisine: Indian Main Course

Serves: 4pax


  • Paneer/ Cottage Cheese 250gms
  • Onion medium 3pcs
  • Tomato medium 2pcs
  • Salt to taste
  • Coriander powder to taste
  • Garam Masala to taste
  • Red chilly powder to taste
  • Cashewnuts 50gms
  • Cream 50ml
  • Ginger-Garlic Paste 2tsp
  • Butter to Garnish
  • Coriander leaf to garnish


  1. Take a pan, add oil, then chopped onions and sauté till golden brown
  2. Add Ginger-Garlic paste into the brown onions along with all the spices
  3. Cook for sometime then add tomato purée into it
  4. After adding the purée cook for 5-7min then add the cashew paste into it
  5. Cook till it leaves oil then add cubes of Cottage cheese into it
  6. Cook for sometime closing the lid
  7. Add cream and butter then serve hot with garnish of coriander leaf



Kukruri Bhindi with Roasted Peanuts Easy Recipe

Cuisine: Indian

Serves: 4 pax


  • Bhindi (Lady Finger/Okra) 1/2kg
  • Peanuts 100gms
  • Corn Flour 200gms
  • Refined Oil for Frying
  • Salt to taste
  • Garam Masala to taste
  • Chaat Masala to taste
  • Turmeric pinch
  • Coriander for Garnish


  1. Wash and Cut the Lady Fingers into diamond Cut (Slant cutting)
  2. Dust it with Corn flour and fry till crispy (Always fry it on a high flame to maintain its crispiness)
  3. Fry the peanuts too till golden brown
  4. Take a pan, add all the spices without adding any oil then mix the fried Lady Finger and peanuts together
  5. Toss till all the spices are mixed properly
  6. Garnish with Chopped Coriander and serve hot

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