Grilled Fish in Lemon Butter Sauce

Fish is something that I loved from my Childhood days and when I started cooking it in a healthy way it became the part of my everyday meals. Grilled Fish is as healthy as eating an apple, Fish is rich in protein, omega-3 and other minerals too. For a Basa 100 gms Fillet the protein content is 14 gms, the amount is double as in a egg. This recipe need minimum ingredients and gives an amazing taste #Foodie #Fish #Yummy #Healthy #NoOil #FatFree #Aaugritaa #Classes #Presentation

ILISH Macher SorisaBata (Hilsa in Mustard Sauce) Easy Recipe

In West Bengal and Bangladesh, ILISH aka Hilsa is often termed as the "QUEEN" of Fishes. The unique taste make it superior of all the Fishes. It is said if a Bengali gets ILISH in Lunch he don't need anything else #Aaugritaa #Classes #Foodie #Chef #MomsRecipe

Prawn Sukka Easy Recipe

“Prawns Sukka” is a popular, coastal seafood delicacy from Mangalore. It is also known as Yetti Ajadina in Tulu. Its an absolute favourite of the people of Mangalore (south canara) and is usually served with the plain boiled rice or neer dosa. Really Yummy #Aaugritaa #Classes #Foodie #Chef #Presentation