Grilled Sole Fish on bed of Spinach Rice Easy Recipe

Grilled fish is one of the delicacy of Continental cuisine, can be served with rice of veggies, dish is prepared with less oil and full of protein. Must try

Tawa Fish Easy Recipe (Tawa Macchi)

Tawa Fish is a very popular North Indian recipe that you can prepare for your loved ones on any occasion. This fish recipe is popularly enjoyed as an appetizer and is an apt dish for every occasions. #Fish #IndianDish #Aaugritaa #Classes #TawaCooking #Yummy #Foodie

Grilled Fish in Lemon Butter Sauce

Fish is something that I loved from my Childhood days and when I started cooking it in a healthy way it became the part of my everyday meals. Grilled Fish is as healthy as eating an apple, Fish is rich in protein, omega-3 and other minerals too. For a Basa 100 gms Fillet the protein content is 14 gms, the amount is double as in a egg. This recipe need minimum ingredients and gives an amazing taste

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Fish and Chips Easy Recipe

Fish and chips is a hot dish of English origin consisting of fried battered fish and hot potato chips. It is a common take-away food and an early example of culinary fusion. Fish and chips first appeared in the 1860s; by 1910 there were more than 25,000 fish and chip shops across the UK, and by the 1930s there were over 35,000. Fish and chips are now a staple takeaway meal in numerous countries, particularly in English-speaking countries

One of the favourite for fish eaters #Foodie #Chef #Recipe #Aaugritaa #Classes #Catering #Presentation